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viper n : venomous Old World snakes characterized by hollow venom-conducting fangs in the upper jaw

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viper (vipers)
  1. A poisonous snake in the family Viperidae.



  • Aramaic:
    Syriac: ܐܟܕܢܐ (ākhiðnā, okhiðno)
    Hebrew: אכדנא (ākhiðnā, okhiðno)
  • Bulgarian: змия
  • Czech: zmije
  • Dutch: adder
  • Esperanto: vipero, vipuro
  • Finnish: kyy, kyykäärme
  • French: vipère
  • German: Kreuzotter , Viper
  • Greek: έχιδνα (ekhidna) , οχιά (okhia)
  • Hebrew: צפע
  • Hungarian: vipera
  • Korean: 독사 (毒蛇, dogsa, doksa)
  • Latin: vipera
  • Lithuanian: angis
  • Polish: żmija
  • Portuguese: víbora
  • Romanian: năpârcă
  • Russian: гадюка /gad'úka/
  • Slovene: gad
  • Spanish: víbora
  • Swedish: huggorm

Derived terms

Extensive Definition

Viper and similar may refer to:


  • Viper, any member of the family Viperidae, a group of snakes found throughout Africa, Eurasia and the Americas.
  • Viper, Agkistrodon piscivorus, a.k.a. the cottonmouth, a venomous snake found in North America.
  • Viper, Heterodon platirhinos, a harmless colubrid found in North America.
  • Viperfish, any member of the genus Chauliodus, a deepwater fish.


Computers and computer Science

  • viper-mode is a vi emulation mode for Emacs
  • DB2 Viper, the next generation data server from IBM
  • VIPER (processor), the name of a processor design in the 1980s, standing for Verifiable Integrated Processor for Enhanced Reliability

Aircraft and missiles


Film and TV


  • Steel Viper, a thrill ride at Valleyfair amusement park in Shakopee, Minnesota
  • Viper Squad, the enemies of Manta Force in the Manta toyline
  • Viper (G.I. Joe), the general name of several types of soldiers from the Cobra Organization in the G.I. Joe universe toyline
  • Viper Hyper Animation series, a hentai computer game series by Sogna
  • VIPER (Hero System), a.k.a. "VIPER: Coils of the Serpent", published by Hero Games for their Hero System
  • Viper (Six Flags), a roller coaster at various Six Flags amusement parks
  • Viper 5, an SMG in the PC game S.T.A.L.K.E.R
  • Viper, a Scourge hero in DotA Allstars (Warcraft III: Frozen Throne map). He is known for as the poisonous dragon with spells that involve poison. He is an agility-based hero.
  • The Vic Viper from the Gradius series by Konami


  • Viper Records, an New York based independent record label (since 2000)
  • The Viper Label, a Liverpool, England based independent record label (since 1999)
  • Viper (band), a Brazilian heavy metal band
  • The Vipers, an Irish Punk/Pop band of the late 1970s
  • Viper, is a colloquial term used in the jazz subculture for a marijuana user
  • The Vipers, 60's Psychdelic/Pop band
  • "Viper" a track from Mike Oldfield's Tres Lunas album



  • Viper (drink), a heavily caffeinated drink
  • Viper, a term used in 1920s to describe a Heroin addict, also a heavy marijuana user.
  • Viper Tactical Gear, a brand of tactical equipment including holsters and pouches.
  • VIPER (Video Identification Parade Electronic Recording), a system of identifying suspects by presenting witnesses with, usually moving, images - used increasingly by police in the United Kingdom as an alternative to traditional identity parades.
  • VIPER, the name used before July 2006 for Vanguard exchange-traded funds
  • VIPER is a type of rebreather
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